ICPT is taking applications from individuals interested in volunteering. Pharmacists and technicians interested in writing items for the ExCPT, reviewing items for the ExCPT, or, participating as a governing member should submit a letter of interest and their resume.

Item Writers

Item Writers are responsible for crafting questions that might go into the item bank for
the ExCPT. Item Writers are instructed on good item writing techniques and are agreeing
to submit 20 items per year. ICPT will provide guidance on topics that are needed for the
item bank. This work can generally be done independently and would not require travel
on the part of the individual.

Expert Panel Member

The Expert Panel is responsible for reviewing items submitted for the ExCPT,
correcting/changing them as needed and taking action on those items. Items could be
rejected, revised, sent back to the writer, or accepted. Accepted items are then scored
using a modified Angoff procedure and given an average difficulty index. Questions then
will move into pilot rotation. Once the statistics on the pilot performance have been
analyzed and there is sufficient evidence the questions performs well, it will to into an
active rotation. Expert Panel members could be pharmacists or technicians and should
have a well rounded practice background. Generally, members will need to participate in
one – possibly two – meetings a year in a central location. ICPT covers all travel
expenses. The Expert Panel members are appointed by the Certification Governing

Certification Governing Committee

The Certification Governing Committee is responsible for reviewing and establishing all
policies and procedures related to the certification and credential granting processes.
Members on this committee serve a three year appointment and are elected by the other
members. There are nine members on this committee; five members are technicians, one
is a public member and the rest are stakeholder representatives (community, hospital,
LTC, buying groups, PBM, etc) and can be pharmacists.

Stakeholder Council

As the profession evolves and the role of pharmacy technicians in the profession of
pharmacy changes, it is essential that employers, educators, regulators and practitioners
have a voice. Participating on the ICPT Stakeholder Council is one way to have input
into the future of pharmacy technician education, training and certification. Participants
would be invited to attend 1-2 conference calls a year with the discussion topics
published in advance. Participants would be serving an advisory role to ICPT and the
priority initiatives for that year.